Leafs have best offer for Bernier? Kings could use LWer … No Byzgalov buyout at this time

  • Renaud Lavoie: The Maple Leafs, Flyers and Wild are in the running for Jonathan Bernier. The Kings will take the best offer from one of them.
  • Tim Panaccio: The Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild and the New Jersey Devils are reportedly bidding for Bernier. The Maple Leafs have significantly upped the ante according to sources, and may be offering more than others are willing to pay.“We’re not really talking,” said one Flyers source.At this point it doesn’t appear that the Flyers will buyout Ilya Bryzgalov. The Flyers remain in the hunt for Bobby Ryan, but they want to see what players are bought out.
  • Dennis Bernstein: When asked what the asking price for Jonathan Bernier could be? The Kings need help on left wing and have little cap space. They can’t bring down a $3 million winger.
  • Randy Miller of the Courier Post: Ilya Bryzgalov’s agent, Ritch Winter, on Thursday.

    “Paul Holmgren told me they have no current plans to buy out Ilya Bryzgalov,” Winter told to the Courier-Post on Thursday from his office near Edmonton. “That said, things can change. Right? The skies could fall.”

    “Holmgren is not the kind of guy to sit back after the team missing the playoffs and do nothing,” said Winter, who is founder and CEO of The Sports Corporation. “You would expect that he would call everybody about everything. That’s his job.

    “I can’t say anymore. I don’t speculate and I don’t care that others do. I think it’s completely irresponsible (saying Bryzgalov will or won’t be bought out) because the Flyers haven’t made that decision. And so, I am left to rely on simply what Paul told me.”

    But things can always change.

    “Paul, has assured me that at this stage, ‘There is no intention to buy Bryzgalov out,’” Winter said. “Paul’s at least consistent in saying, ‘That’s the view today and I have no idea what could happen.’”

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