Sabres Hits: No buyouts, No luck moving up, May move No. 16, No Miller or Vanek talks

  • John Vogl: Sabres GM Darcy Regier said they have no plans for using their compliance buyouts at this time.
  • John Vogl of the Buffalo News: The Sabres wanted to move up it the draft, but that may not happen.

    “To move up into those top spots will be extremely difficult if not impossible,” General Manager Darcy Regier said today.

    The Sabres hold the No. 8 pick. They are not willing to move back from No.8, but could deal their No. 16 pick for extra picks.

    “We’re going to get two good players,” Devine said. “At the eight pick, we’re looking at a top-6 forward or a top-four defenseman.

    “What we’d have to give up to get that franchise player would also set us back depth-wise.”

  • John Vogl of the Buffalo News: The Sabres haven’t had any talks with Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek regarding a contract extension.

    “I have not personally talked to the Sabres but expect to see them at Draft,” Steve Bartlett, Vanek’s agent, said via email today. “No special agenda though.”

    “Nothing in the way of an extension,” wrote Mike Liut, the agent for Miller.

    Both players have said that they are open to a trade. Vanek doesn’t want to be part of a long-term buyout.

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