NHL Rumors III: Leafs, Sabres, Mason extension close, Blue Jackets-Rangers trade call video

  • Mark Spector: The Roberto Luongo to Maple Leafs deal fell through because the Canucks refused to take on some of his salary. The Maple Leafs would have given Ben Scrivens with a 2nd and 3rd round pick as long as they took back some salary.
  • The Fourth Period: Several teams were interested in Ryan Miller yesterday according to a source. The Flyers inquired about Thomas Vanek.

     ”(Talks) will continue after the season,” Regier told the Buffalo News. “To what extent has yet to be determined.”

    “It’s difficult standing here right now to say (the rebuild is) going to be a year or two years. We’re going to work as hard as we can at this and get it done as quickly as possible.”

  • Randy Miller: The Flyers are close to signing newly acquired Steve Mason to a one year contract extension.
  • Video: Trade call between the NY Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets: Marian Gaborik trade.
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  1. #1 by hotwings at April 4th, 2013

    I have no idea how much salary they were asking for, but im sure it was something reasonable… with that said, it seems Gillis was a little stubborn/foolish on this one. They were getting back a good amount of assets… AND getting rid of the majority of the contract….

    Now he is still stuck with that huge contract. I wonder what his board thinks of that.

  2. #2 by Leaf_Fan at April 4th, 2013

    im glad leafs didnt get that luo guy, kipper though im disappointed but it was his choice so gotta respect that

  3. #3 by Dave at April 4th, 2013

    @2 i definitely respect that from Kipper, the attitude in general from sports players is take all u can while u can before u go. Kipper could have easily signed an extension for millions more with the Leafs and pulled a Toskala and showed u only for the paycheck. But he followed his heart and did what was right for everybody involved, not just himself if his heart wasn’t into it. The more i find out about this guy the more and more i wish we really would have gotten him :)

  4. #4 by Avaholic at April 5th, 2013

    Pretty sure you mean Rangers-Blue Jackets trade…Not capitals.

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