Video: Luongo refused to waive his no-trade clause for Maple Leafs in the summer

Luke Fox of Sportsnet: Doug Maclean reported on Hockey Central @ Noon that in the summer the Maple Leafs and Canucks had a tentative agreement on a Roberto Luongo deal.

Luongo refused to waive his no-trade clause as he was led to believe that deal might be struck with the Florida Panthers, and that it wasn’t Canucks GM Mike Gillis getting greedy.

“Luongo, at that particular time, believed that a deal was going to happen in Florida. He really believed a deal was coming through in Florida,” MacLean said Monday. “He was told by somebody close to the Panthers that a deal was going to happen, they were going to find a way and to be patient. Luongo turned down the deal with the Leafs. He would not waive his no-trade (to join) the Leafs, so the deal was off.”

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  1. #1 by hotwings at April 1st, 2013

    Please don’t get this guy Nonis… Don’t carry Gillis’ albatross. Aside from Rick Dipeitro, this has got to be the worst contract in the NHL..

    A few simple mental equations can figure this one out..

    Lots of goalies available = Don’t get the goalie with the worst contract.

    2 NHL goalies on Leafs = Don’t get a(nother) #1.. just look for a vet in the off season…

    Also, you can’t negotiate with Gillis’ on this one, because of his repeated statements of getting the right asking price for Luongo. If there is any deal where you are going to get fleeced by another team, this is it. Going forward, why would you screw yourself over for another 9 years in this new cap world? Every year this contract would be an issue for the leafs.

    Up the D… Not the G

  2. #2 by D at April 2nd, 2013

    On behalf of the Leafs organization, I’d like to thank Luongo for refusing to waive his ntc

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