Video: Shanahan explanation on why Rick Nash wasn’t suspended

An explanation as to why New York Rangers winger Rick Nash wasn’t suspended for his hit on Florida Panthers Tomas Kopecky.

Key Points: Kopecky turns prior to contact, head not targeted, head not principal point of contact.

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  1. #1 by hotwings at March 23rd, 2013

    how about at least a game for headhunting? it’s pretty clear his intent was a vicious hit… it’s pretty clear he was charging.. it’s pretty clear he left his feet

    it is also pretty clear that shanahan was a member of the rangers, so maybe he didn’t want nash suspended.

  2. #2 by Jason at March 23rd, 2013

    Is this guy(shanahan) actually going to try and use that for his explanation as to why there is no suspension?! That is the most absurd, unfair, and ridiculous thing I’ve read or heard since cba negotiations.

    Lets review the video…both hands were directed straight at the head(that’s right, no shoulder but both hands!)…he charged at kopecky 20 feet away…followed through with absolute intent to target the head. Need I explain further? Also, to add, I believe that the new rules state that it doesn’t matter if there was intent to target the head but rather that if contact is made with the head, incidental or not, there would be at a minimum a fine.

    Now lets compare recent hits from other players(lupul for one) whom have been suspended for lighter and less intent contact. Point is simple, either be consistent, or hire someone who does not have ties and possible preferential treatment issues.

    Enough said…

  3. #3 by Dwayne at March 23rd, 2013

    What about Nash Coming off the ice? He clearly left the ice. Lupul had no intention of hitting the head and he came in with the shoulder, not an elbow.

  4. #4 by Matt at March 23rd, 2013

    Further inconsistency from Shannahan. This guy’s explanations are a joke. Can the NHL do the right thing for once and get rid of these guys that have ties to current NhL teams and players like Colin Campbell and Brendan Shannahan? Please do the right thing. Right now your sport is laughable in terms of supplemental discipline.

  5. #5 by Steve at March 23rd, 2013

    Matt Cooke would have received 5 games for the same hit.

  6. #6 by Leaf_Fan at March 23rd, 2013

    what a joke… i can understand lupul getting a game 2 is a push… and then nash gets nothing? u gotta be shitting me. was clearly full force with intent to injure. You can see Nash fully extend both his arms to make the hit as hard as he possibly can, and as mentioned left his feet. 1 game AT LEAST.

  7. #7 by Just a fan at March 23rd, 2013

    Shanahan is an idiot, was as a player and worse as judge, jury and executioner for the NHL. They need someone who is not quite so biased.

  8. #8 by Holysheep at March 23rd, 2013

    My explanation as to why Rick Nash wasn’t suspended… Because he is Rick Nash.

  9. #9 by Bryan pereira at March 23rd, 2013

    Really honestly Nash gets nothing not even 2mins in the box while Alexander Elder got a 5 min major plus 2 game suspension such BS next thing well see is the same exact hit on another goalie and there won’t be no penalty or suspension! NHL is corrupted and I think it’s because coyotes are owned by NHL there we go there protecting their own team ass swipes! NHL get your shit straight sick an tired of this BS every time we come across a suspension talks drag on an on an on about wether it was a suspension or it wasn’t

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