Hockey Central: Tyler Bozak and Roberto Luongo Trade Tracker Videos

  • Tyler Bozak: The Maple Leafs would like to sign Bozak, but Mikhail Grabovski makes $5.5 million a year. MacLean thinks the Leafs should keep him. They could lose him to unrestricted free agency. Kypreos thinks the Leafs can’t afford to keep him, may cost $4 – $4.5 million to re-sign him. MacLean lists the Canucks and Flames as possible landing spots. Kypreos lists the Canucks, Red Wings, Blues and Predators as possible landing spots.

  • Roberto Luongo: Teams are still interested, but his contract is making it difficult. MacLean thinks Florida is the only option at the moment. Brian Lawton lists the Canucks, Lightning or a possible buyout.

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  1. #1 by eazy at March 6th, 2013

    bozak and kulemin to vancouver for luongo
    perfect deal

  2. #2 by hotwings at March 6th, 2013

    let vancouver reap the whirlwind after they sowed seeds of that horrible contract.

    i think teams should really punish the canucks and handicap them in terms of future improvement, by not trading for luongo, thereby foregoing the possibility of the canucks adding another salary of say, a top 4 forward…

    seriously, if you are in the western conference, i think the chances are slim to none that you trade for him, so you are down to half the league in the east as potential trading partners and of those east teams, you can cancel out those which have no goaltending issues until you are left with maybe 4 teams that could possibly get Luongo.

    I think a Luongo trade is also complicated by all these teams with 2-3 nhl caliber goalies in their systems… ie: LA, OTT, STL, CHI, ANA, etc…

    And, even if you wanted an all-star goalie… you have ryan miller and kipper out there as another possible option…

  3. #3 by Douglas at March 6th, 2013

    I nominate the comment by hotwings as the best Luongo trade comment written anywhere since the entire soap opera began. Totally on the money with every point. Gillis will be lucky to receive a 2nd rd pick. The contract is an Everest sized obstacle.

    How would the acquiring GM justify the salary cap hit to his team given that the cap goes down by 5 mil next year? Q the crickets.

  4. #4 by Realistic at March 30th, 2013

    i nominate hotwings as the #1 tool..probably a leafs fan

    #1 luongo is an elite goaltender.. probably one of the top 5 still playing.. proven veteran
    #2 his cap hit at 5.3 per year is quite reasonable compared to that of miller and kiper at both 6+, let alone the cost of goalies in general look around the league

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