Trade notes on: the Devils, Canucks and Luongo, Senators, Avalanche and O’Reilly, Bernier, Perry, Hemsky and Hjalmarsson

  • Rich Chere via twitter: The Devils have 8 NHL caliber defenseman in training camp: Bryce Salvador, Andy Greene, Marek Zidlicky, Mark Fayne, Anton Volchenkov, Peter Harrold, Adam Larsson and Henrik Tallinder. They’ll be keeping 7 for sure, but GM Lou Lamoriello won’t say his plans beyond that, and won’t rush into anything.

    “You have to go into training camp feeling good about your team, liking your team. If an opportunity comes, you take it. But you don’t force it,” he said.

  • Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun: The Canucks could start the season missing 2/3rd of their second line. Ryan Kesler is out, and David Booth has a groin issue.

    “He tweaked his groin a little bit and we’re not quite sure how severe it is,” coach Alain Vigneault said.

    Andrew Ebbett and Jordan Schroeder have been battling for the 2nd line center roll while Kesler is out.  Ziemer notes “If Booth’s injury is serious, it’s a safe bet that general manager Mike Gillis — if he wasn’t already — will be seeking a player who could step in and play second-line minutes in any trade for Luongo.”

  • Damien Cox via twitter: Cox questions Bozak, Kadri and a 2nd rounder for Luongo, “Wayyy to much.” No other teams would be willing to pay that price either.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The Senators have some depth at forward, and possibly a shortage on the blueline. If GM Murray is to make a move for blueline help, it would likely come from their forward depth.
  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: The Avalanche are still talking with Ryan O’Reilly, and sources say they are not attempting to trade him. The Avs have offered a 2 year deal worth $7 million, the same deal as Matt Duchene signed in the summer. O’Reilly turned down a 5 year, $17 million contract in the summer. O’Reilly is looking for something in the $5 million range. He’s using comparables like David Krejci ($5.25 million) and Evander Kane ($5.25 million). The toughest comparable for O’Reilly is teammate Duchene. O’Reilly led the Avs in scoring last year with 55 points, and is one of the better defensive centers.
  • Todd Cordell via twitter: From Elliotte Friedman: ”Now that Volchenkov is healthy, opponents believe the Devils are searching for a partner with a forward to trade.”
  • Todd Cordell via twitter: Pierre LeBrun said on TSN, that in the end he thinks Devils GM Lou Lamoriello will use some of their depth on the blueline to trade for a forward or possibly grabbing someone off waivers.
  • Todd Cordell via twitter: LeBrun on TSN said that the Blackhawks kicked tires on Kings Jonathan Bernier in the summer.
  • Elliotte Friendman of CBC: Would pending UFA Corey Perry want to play closer to parents who live in Ontario? Someone outside the Maple Leafs organization wondered if Bruke was reluctant to include Nazem Kadri in a Luongo trade in case Perry or Getzlaf become available. With the salary cap at $70.2 million this year, and $64.3 million, there is less pressure on the Canucks to move Luongo for cap reasons. Oilers GM Steve Tambellini said there is “nothing there” to rumors they are shopping Ales Hemsky for a defenseman. The Rangers were asking the Blackhawks about Niklas Hjalmarsson.
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  1. #1 by jeff at January 16th, 2013

    que the getzlaf and perry rumours

  2. #2 by hotwings at January 16th, 2013

    getz and perry getting out of anaheim makes sense indeed. after their big 3, their lineup seems to be getting thinner and thinner year to year… add to that j hiller and his concussion issues.. restart your careers in toronto please!!!

  3. #3 by AJ at January 16th, 2013

    I don’t see why either of them would need any restart. Especially since the Maple Leafs roster and goaltending wouldn’t be any upgrade, to say the least.
    In ANA they can get a huge paycheck, be the faces and core of the franchise, +the weather and chill out without the pressure you know :) The young players are coming along really well too.
    The lineup has been more the same for 3 years, I hope the bulking up on defense helps. Jonas Hiller had vertigo and it’s been a non-issue for over 18 months now.

  4. #4 by Phil at January 16th, 2013

    Avalanche should trade Oreilly for that punk Subban. Montreal is the same as Toronto… Over valuing garbage

  5. #5 by Patrick at January 16th, 2013

    As an Avalanche fan, I would be pissed if they traded O’Reilly for Subban.

  6. #6 by fix at January 16th, 2013

    im getting tire of hearing kadri and bozak named in a lou deal. a couple of nobody leafs not worth a damn. they have what a good quater of one season and they are solid nhlers now??? i dont think so. keep them toronto. and come back at me after this season . i’ll gladly eat humble pie. An All-star goalie commands all star players. get over media and exactly why no deal has been done. dont try to under buy . just because a video game may except that trade doesnt mean its realistic.

  7. #7 by fix at January 16th, 2013

    also you have a man that has played for team canda. vs what? look what the canucks traded for luo. what i should be hearing is a name like dion phanuef.

  8. #8 by AK47 at January 16th, 2013

    Lou is over rated sorry. Great goalie for sure but not nearly what they seem to think he is worth. Other GMs know that the longer they wait the more desperate Van will be to move him.

    O’Reilly would be a great addition to any team the Aves better make the move and step up.

    Perry and Getz will not move just like they wont trade Bobby Ryan. This is the last year Temue will be playing they are going to try and make the playoffs. Next year is another story.

    LA is another team high on their goalie, Bernier is un-proven. Plus Quick is not 100% right now. If they intend on another run they need to sit tight.

    The Hawks need to dump Hjalmarsson and/or Leddy in a package that includes some talent for a top goalie. I would say Lou but again they want too much for a guy that can’t show up in the playoffs. Leddy and Hjalmerson were brutal all last year.

  9. #9 by hotwings at January 16th, 2013

    @fix scott gomez was an all star. as was wade redden. you gonna take one of those for loungo? the strict logic of all star for all star does not work. most deals are not plain jane straight up hockey deals. you can’t ignore luongo’s age and monster contract.

  10. #10 by fix at January 16th, 2013

    vancouver is not desperate to move him. and would obviously move into #1 starting spot wherever he goes….

  11. #11 by fix at January 16th, 2013

    and if you read into lous contract he gets cheaper by the year. and the two players gomez and redden were given retarded contracts where , the team doesnt want anything to do with the players themselves because they handcuff their respective teams options. they were paid triple their value. which is montreals and NYRs fault for offering it. same other players. all in all lou will pick up 30 more wins this year with vancouver.

  12. #12 by hotwings at January 16th, 2013

    retarded contracts… all in all most ppl would say loungo is in the same boat as redden and gomez. how many wins is luongo picking up after he turns 36? how about when he is 40? you want to give luongo 60+ million for a few good years?

  13. #13 by fix at January 16th, 2013

    luo is worth 5.3 mil a season until he is a free agent. i cannot answer how many wins hell get nearing the end of his contract. if he stays somewhat decent id say 30 wins. also add the jennings trophy winner beside his name.

  14. #14 by fix at January 16th, 2013

  15. #15 by D at January 16th, 2013

    i would rather have bernier on the leafs than luongo

  16. #16 by Patrick at January 16th, 2013

    @fix Look at what CBJ got for Nash, he is a lot better and a lot more in demand than Luongo. No team will give up anything for that dumbass contract. Also keep in mind Gillis sucks at trading. Grabner+1st round pick for Ballard. Hodgson for Kassian. Two expiring contracts for Booth and his huge cap hit. The list goes on. Just because you’re a Canucks fan does not mean Luongo is worth anything.

  17. #17 by DS at January 16th, 2013

    Look at Lou’s record the best Van has ever had.I put schnd in the same class as Weeks,Hersh,essensa,there only a back up they look good playing weak teams.Let them play more than 3 games in a row.Van fans are all ban wagon jumpers understand the game first not just cheering because there van.No you stats

  18. #18 by Joel at January 17th, 2013

    Really leaf fans?!,…you don’t want Luongo?? you like not making the playoffs..I don’t want Luuu to go anywhere..I would rather trade Schneider…Toronto can keep Riemer and have fun with Kadri and Bozak..enjoy..morons

  19. #19 by hotwings at January 17th, 2013

    i think there is a choice here between playoffs and cup contender. the leafs are not like the la kings where even if they are an eighth seed they still wont have a legit shot at making it to the finals.

    cup contender is a different beast and requires smart trades and management of cap space. no thanks to luongo. his contract is more trouble than any possible benefit.

  20. #20 by fix at January 17th, 2013

    @DS. schnids picked up 30 wins last year. has statistically gotten better each year. so to go along with your point , ya you must kno your stats.

  21. #21 by fix at January 17th, 2013

    20 wins correction …

  22. #22 by fix at January 17th, 2013

    @ hotwings watch canucks make an offer to scott gomez

  23. #23 by Ish at January 18th, 2013

    Luongo rocks!

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