Canucks want equal value for Luongo … Sabres would prefer trade to waivers … Senators looked at trade market … Habs-Panthers trade

  • Pass it to Bulis via twitter: (via @RenLavoieRDS) (translated from French) Roberto Luongo: ”I’m willing to stay here this season because it will be short. But I don’t want to stay here long term.” Luongo said that it lost some context when translated: Not “get me out of here” so much as “I don’t see myself here long-term”.
  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: The Canucks won’t trade Roberto Luongo for the sake of trading him, they want equal value for him.

    “He’s an All-Star goalie,” veteran Canucks GM Mike Gillis told Monday. “It’s a completely media-driven notion that we have to do this quickly and it’s going to be a terrible situation [if Luongo starts the season in Vancouver]. It wasn’t a terrible situation last year and it won’t be this year if he’s here.”

    The Maple Leafs remain the obvious choice, and new GM Dave Nonis and Canucks GM Mike Gillis have touched base. LeBrun’s understanding is that the Canucks want an established player and a high end prospect. The Canucks may want Leafs prospect, Nazem Kadri, and the Leafs may not want to move him at this point. The Leafs haven’t given up on James Reimer and may want to see how he starts the season before deciding whether to make a move on Luongo.

  • John Vogl via twitter: The Sabres have 9 NHL caliber defensemen for 6 spots. They already lost Joe Finley to waivers yesterday.

    “You’d prefer trade versus waivers for the individual,” Regier said tonight after a scrimmage in First Niagara Center. “If the player can’t play here, you’d hope that they’d have an opportunity elsewhere and you can get something in return for that as well.”"What’s obvious is we have nine guys that can play,” coach Lindy Ruff said. “It’s a decision that we’re going to have to make when it comes down to our first game on who those six guys are going to be.”

  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Senators GM Bryan Murray said he’s been on the phones talking deals for a defenseman, but the asking prices are high.

    “We keep talking. I’ve been talking to a variety of teams about what they might have available,” said Murray. “It doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Not a lot of people are going to give unless you give a lot back.

    “We’ll keep looking and talking. The priority right now is to promote our own people. We’ve got a number of young guys that are probably deserving of a look early on in particular, and then we’ll have to see.”

    They’ll give Patrick Wiercioch, Mark Borowiecki and Andre Benoit a look. The Sens have talked with free agents Chris Campoli and Milan Jurcina.

    “I’ve talked to a number of agents,” said Murray. “I’ve put a couple of on hold. I’ve made no promises to anybody other than after a few days here I would consider it.

    “I wanted to look at our young guys first and then I would get back to them if there’s any interest. I just have to wait because that’s the sort of decision we’ll make as a group if I’m going to pursue it.”

  • Montreal Canadiens: The Canadiens have acquired defenseman Jason DeSantis from the Panthers for defenseman Brendon Nash.
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  1. #1 by gralx at January 15th, 2013

    Nucks want “equal” value? They under value him internally an significantly over value him externally….

  2. #2 by Patrick at January 15th, 2013

    Mike Gillis is just clueless. Like when he said there were only 5 young players he would trade Hodgson for (before Gary Roberts accurately called him a moron), did Edmonton have 3 of those players? Seriously, how is Kassian one of the top 5 young players by any stretch of the imagination? He’s gonna end up having to buy out Luongo, the contract is not tradeable. When he does that he’s going to act as though somehow he proved something.

  3. #3 by hotwings at January 15th, 2013

    i think the contract is tradeable… but the team taking it on would be foolish to give up too much for luongo. It would be having two albatrosses across your back if you get rid of (for example) 2 prospects, a pick and a roster player in addition to that horrible contract.

    10 years is way too long. so much could happen during that time period. I dont think any GM could responsibly take that risk.

    There would have to be a salary dump going the other way to Van, because a potential trade really has more to do with Luongo’s contract, than Luongo himself.

    I dont think Mike Komisarek’s contract is burdensome enough to compensate for Luongo’s. I hope the leafs don’t trade for him… I’d rather go another year or two and then pick one up via trade or free agency.

  4. #4 by Vancity at January 15th, 2013

    I think the Canucks are better off holding on to Luongo until the season starts, once the Leafs start losing (and we all know they will), the Canucks will get what they want for Luongo!!!

  5. #5 by hotwings at January 15th, 2013

    the wild card is Nonis. Even if they tank, is he gonna pull a bargain w/ the devil like burke did to get kessel so soon into his gm tenure? he saw what havoc a major deal can make… add to that, his statement of being patient. I cant see it happening, unless maybe a 3-way deal occurs

  6. #6 by Ghostrider1174 at January 15th, 2013

    Nonis will not give in like Burke might of if he was Gm cause Nonis has nothing to lose. He didnt want the job of Gm. It was on his face the day they changed Gms. As for Gillis hes blowing smoke cause Lu’s value is lowered otherwise you have the whole league calling about him. hes contract looks better under the new cba but in reality it is a horrible contract and in todays NHL it does make Lu’s value go down. Leafs would be smart to go after Bernier or anything else if Gillis wants the moon.

  7. #7 by Ghostrider1174 at January 15th, 2013

    Oh and the Leafs will make the playoffs. Why? cause its a great draft coming up better than last year. ANd knowing the Leafs like i do they will miss a chance at the top 3 picks You heard it hear first

  8. #8 by hotwings at January 16th, 2013

    i dont buy that nonis doesnt not want the gm job. he can only be an assistant gm for so long. it’s the role he was being groomed for anyways. i think his expressions in that press conference were more to do with his downtroddenness and surprise at losing his mentor/friend. it was awkward to say the least.

    i think gillis is in a tough spot to say the least… especially in the context of what he got for cody hodgson… zack kassian just looks like a very poor mans milan lucic — and thats being generous. by all accounts, he was roiled and pulled off a bad trade. can he make two bad trades in a row with another all star player??

  9. #9 by hotwings at January 16th, 2013

    @ghostrider… i agree.. i can totally see the leafs in the playoffs this year especially w/ the shortened season. 1st round leafs vs boston anyone? hello mid round pick ;-(

    wtf are columbus and islanders gonna do w/ seth jones and n. mackinnon?

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