PA doesn’t file disclaimer of interest … Pension and salary cap ceiling are big issues

  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: Settling the pension issue would be key to getting a deal done. There is still big money at stake for the NHL and NHLPA. Other issues would fall in easier. There are some owners who feel that the pension offer from the the NHLPA leaves them with too much liability. Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The players are still sour at the league over the pension issue. This needs to be resolved before any deal gets done. Darren Dreger via twitter: Entering yesterday, the NHLPA wanted the NHL to share in the pension cost. The bigger issue may be the teams ongoing liability to pay the pension after this CBA would expire. Eric Macramalla via twitter: In the past, the NHL has funded the majority of the pension, now they want the players to fund.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The 2nd year for salary cap remains a big issue. The NHL is still looking for $60 million. NHLPA is will to go to $65 million. The NHL doesn’t want the cap floor to move. David Pagnotta via twitter: The NHLPA is fighting hard to get the salary cap ceiling higher than the $60 million the NHL is aiming for.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: LeBrun is hearing that both sides were disappointed with the lack of true movement in each sides latest proposals.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Pagnotta was told that the NHLPA is willing to have a 10 year CBA and a 6 year max contract for free agents, but they countered on the 10% variance and the cap number.
  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: There were minor strides gained yesterday, with enough to bypass filing the disclaimer of interest. It is still in option, but would need a re-vote by the NHLPA. Bruce Garrioch via twitter: Don Fehr said they will keep their legal options open. They will be there for a meeting at 10:00 AM, with a mediator.
  • Nick Kypreos via twitter: Bettman is fighting for the smaller markets to pay less money, and wants the big markets (like the Canucks) to dismantle their roster despite the PA not asking for a cap on escrow.
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