Information and internal meetings yesterday, face-to-face today … $60 million cap issue for players … No CBJ-WIN swap

  • TSN: The NHL and NHLPA will meet today after spending most of the weekend going over the NHL’s 288 page offer. The PA met internally Sunday afternoon after having information sessions with the NHL earlier in the day. There was talk that they could meet face-to-face Sunday night, but they postponed until today. TSN’s Aaron Ward said that they could expect some players to show up in New York. Ward added that lawyers and financial staff for both sides met yesterday.
  • Gary Lawless via twitter: Lawless is hearing from the players side of things that the $60 million cap is the biggest issue. They are also looking for a 7 or 8 max term limit. Ben Kuzma via twitter: The $60 million salary cap ceiling will be a tough sell for players, even with the buyouts. Players are looking for $67 million.
  • Aaron Portzline via twitter: Bill Daly when asked if a Blue Jackets-Jets conference swap is possible: ”Not being considered. Has never been considered.”
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