Sides briefly talk, no meeting scheduled … Games expected to be cancelled this week … Games need to start by Jan. 20th

  • Eric Macramalla via twitter: “NHL digging in suggests that a number of teams facing challenges under current system; record revenues doesn’t mean record profitability”
  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: Though they talked on the phone yesterday, there are no talks scheduled. LeBrun doesn’t think the NHL will go back to negotiating until the NHLPA has a new proposal or new idea to at least talk about. A player sent a text to LeBrun,

    “Wait a minute, we made the last offer [Dec. 6] and they still think it’s our turn to make the next move? Makes no sense.”

    Ever since the players-owners meeting at the beginning of the month, the NHL may be thinking that since the NHLPA didn’t like comprises they were offering, that Don Fehr is waiting for mid-January (the 11th hour) to make his move.  This is why the NHL may not be moving off their offer.

    More games are expected to be cancelled later this week, possibly the last batch of games before the season is cancelled. In order to get in a 48-50 games season, they’ll need to start around January 20th. They’ll have the first 7 to 10 days in January to get a deal done.

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