Sides haven’t talked since Friday with nothing schedule … Steve Fehr and Bill Daly quotes

  • Katie Strang of ESPN: According to Steve Fehr, there hasn’t been any contact with Bill Daly since Friday, with no meeting scheduled. All it would take to get back to the negotiating table …

    “A phone call,” Fehr told when reached via telephone Monday evening. “I had the impression when we ended the session on Thursday that they had nothing more to say at this time. As soon as they’re ready, we’re ready.”

    “We are ready, willing, able and eager to negotiate,” Fehr said. “We want to get an agreement and we want to get it done as soon as possible.”

  • Louis Jean via twitter: Bill Daly on avoiding litigation:  “We obviously think its important for the Union & the Players to focus on returning to the bargaining table. That is the safest and most expeditious way to a deal.”
  • Louis Jean via twitter: Bill Daly said he has ”no intention to contact them as they understand where we are.”
  • Nick Cotsonika via twitter: Bill Daly pointed out in Friday’s conference call that the NHLPA is still asking for a $67.25 million salary cap ceiling that never goes down, plus having compliance buyouts and escrow caps. Daly called them “very significant dollar issues.” Daly added that the disclaimer could ”clearly put the season in jeopardy” in his opinion.
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