No progress made with mediator yesterday … Silliness could go on for weeks

  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The mediator will talk with the NHLPA this morning. If he concludes that a deal could be close, he will suggest having another meeting. If he doesn’t, negotiations go back to square one.
  • Katie Strang of ESPN: Yesterday meetings between the NHL and NHLPA ended with Bill Daly saying that there was “no conclusion” to the process, and with the players feeling the NHL won’t negotiate. There are no meetings scheduled. Don Fehr will speak with the mediator this morning. The meetings lasted about six hours yesterday, with Fehr saying,

    “All I am going to say is there wasn’t any change in position,” Fehr said.

    Several sources have said the NHL is standing by it’s ”take-it-or-leave-it” position. Daly said in an email that the NHL never put a last offer on the table. The sides met separately with the mediator.

  • Michael Russo of the Star Tribune: Russo was told that the mediators met with the NHL for about 15-20 minutes, and hours with the players. The league has insisted there isn’t a communication issue. The owners are holding pat on their “proposal was 50/50, 10-year CBA, $300 million Make Whole, 5-year max deals (7 to re-sign your own player) and 5% variances in salary per year.” The owners may be done negotiating, and the players will need determine if the it’s worth throwing away their salaries this season.
  • Rich Chere via twitter: Brendan Morrison:  ”I think discouraged is a good word. Frustrated. It’s bargaining. There has to be give and take.”
  • Tim Panaccio via twitter: Panaccio thinks that if the NHL is done negotiating off their last offer, the only thing left is a “drop dead” date to put pressure on the NHLPA.
  • Nick Cotsonika via twitter: Some facts haven’t changed after yesterday’s meetings. They are closer than ever, but still trying to squeeze every last drop, and still playing chicken. The next move is on the players.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Some people think a deal can get done this month, while others think it won’t be done until mid-January. There is still a lot of work for them to do, and some big issues haven’t been discussed yet.
  • NHLPA via twitter: 11 players were at yesterday’s meetings: Adams, Aucoin, Boyes, Campoli, Darche, Doan, Hainsey, Mayers, A. McDonald, Montador, B. Morrison, D. Murray, Winnik.
  • Chris Botta via twitter: The city of Pittsburgh estimates they lose about $2.2 million for every cancelled Penguins home game. Sarah Baicker via twitter: Senator Casey said in a letter that Pittsburgh could lose $86 million is season is cancelled.
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