Sides might talk on weekend … Upshaw’s comments … Scuderi thinks $300 ‘make whole’ would pass … Nash’s groin

  • Brian Wilde via twitter: The NHLPA doesn’t like 5 year max contracts because it cuts out the middle class, with money focused on the stars. Solution may be to have a lower maximum allowable percentage of cap hit.
  • Scottie Upshaw via twitter: “Plain and simple these owners think they can break us apart. GOOD LUCK! We r stronger than we’ve ever been and r behind Fehr %100. There’s no pressure yet on the owners to lose this year, that’s why they still treat us like Cattle. They’ll need a partner come January.
  • Josh Rimer via twitter: Rob Scuderi on if the ‘make whole’ of $3o0 million was put to vote: “”I think guys would be open to the 300 million ‘make whole.’ “
  • Dan Rosen via twitter: The owners have told the players that they had to have  10 year CBA, 5-7 years on contract length and no compliance issues (ie. buyouts, escrow limits). The NHL only wanted a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer on those points. What the NHLPA gave them was a new proposal that they didn’t ask for. The NHLPA proposal then changed the terms of the 3 requirements. The owners made it clear that they had to have those terms to continue negotiating.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Bill Daly told Pagnotta that the NHLPA’s claim that the owners told the players that bringing Don Fehr back into the room could be a “deal breaker” are untrue.
  • Larry Brooks via twitter: Rick Nash is heading back to New York to have his groin checked out. It is not believed to be serious. The groin has bothered Nash for the last couple weeks and he re-aggravated it over the weekend.
  • Josh Yohe via twitter: Sidney Crosby on playing in Europe: ”At the end of the day, I’m a hockey player. This is getting ridiculous.”
  • Dmitry Chesnokov via twitter: Avalanche Ryan O’Reilly signed a 2 year contract with Metallurg of the KHL and has an “oral promise” option to leave for the NHL.
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