A CBA round up from yesterday’s meetings

Both the NHL and NHLPA made proposals yesterday.

After last night’s meetings which ended around 1 am:

  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA may have cut back their numbers in tonight’s meetings. 3 owners and few players than earlier in the day.
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: The NHL has increased their ‘make whole’ number to $300 million, up from $211 million. The players offered $383 million in their offer 2 weeks ago. Bob McKenzie via twitter: For the $300 million ‘make whole,’ $250 million is to ‘make whole’ and $50 million is for pension funding.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The NHLPA will like that the NHL remained status quo on UFA and salary arbitration. The NHLPA won’t like the 5 year term limits on contracts (7 for a teams own UFA), 5% variance from year to year, and a 10 year CBA. The 10 CBA term length has an out clause after 8 years.
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The players may not love the NHLs latest proposal, but it might be enough for them to vote on it.
  • Katie Strang via twitter: Multiple sources told Strang that there is a growing concern with the NHLPA about the current format going forward. The PA is looking for no more restrictions on who is in the room. Some of the concern may be that this format could put a wedge among NHLPA members. One source said today’s session was “bizarre.” Having no restrictions on who is present in the room would mean that both Don Fehr and Gary Bettman would be present.
  • Rob Rossi via twitter: Both sides are still a bit frustrated. Penguins owner Ron Burkle not thrilled by the union.

Before the evening session:

  • Tim Panaccio via twitter: A 10 year CBA was discussed but not formally proposed. Owners want a 10 year deal more than players.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: The NHL would make certain “concessions” if the CBA would be longer than the offered 6-7 year deal. Concerns over player contracts and ‘make whole’ are still there.
  • Jesse Spector via twitter: “Thing I haven’t been able to grasp: Why would NHLPA want a shorter deal, and invite the owners to dip into their pockets again sooner?”
  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: If a deal gets reached soon, a 54 to 60 game season is possible. 54 games if they start around Christmas, 54 if they start January 1st.

Yesterday morning:

  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: There was talk in the Board of Governors meeting that there was a possible schedule if there is a deal. One executive said that a 60 game schedule is likely too many games, a 50 plus schedule is possible.
  • Michael Russo via twitter: Stars Alex Goligoski, ”It is positive that some progress was made, but until you’re in the final stages of this thing and things are agreed on by both sides, it’s almost foolish to be too optimistic.”
  • David Staples via twitter: Doug MacLean said that Gary Bettman intended to grind the players down until December 1st, then work to get a deal done.
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