Answer to Bettman’s proposal should be known today … NHL may have to be careful who they pick

  • TSN: The NHLPA will decide today if they will accept Bettman’s proposed player-owner meeting. The PA held a conference call late afternoon to go over what went on in the mediation talks, and what they will do going forward.
  • Chris Johnston via twitter: The NHL didn’t specify how many players and owners might attend Bettman’s proposed meeting if it’s accepted.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: The players are “intrigued” by Bettman’s proposal but are a bit leery of conditions. “Will be telling if inability to set ground rules of proposed meeting were to kill it. Tough to get new CBA done if meeting rules a challenge”
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: If a deal doesn’t get done in the next week or so, and it doesn’t look like anything would get done, McKenzie would propose the following:

    “2 players, 2 agents, 2 owners, 2 GMs in room to settle remaining issues. 1 lawyer/side to document agreement that would be done in day or 2. Bettman and Fehr could only recommend acceptance or rejection to their respective constituents and then owners and players would vote on it. We’d either have deal in place and be playing games before Christmas or we’d know that everyone gave it their best shot and season is done.”

  • Henrik Lundqvist via twitter: “If the plan is to have meetings between players and owners to solve this mess, maybe it’s time to allow teams that actually are carrying the league finacially to get involved. So far I have not seen any invitations to the meeting room.”
  • Larry Brooks via twitter: Every player has been invited or encouraged by the NHLPA to attend the negotiations meeting, but the NHL has only allowed 4 owners to attend.
  • Bill Hoppe via twitter: Sabres Jordan Leopold on attending the proposed player-owner meetings: ”I don’t want any part of it.”
  • Aaron Portzline via twitter: “NHL has to be careful picking owners for face-to-face with players. How many might just shake hands w the players and say “Where do I sign?” Problem letting a wide array of owners take part is the wide array of needs from team to team. One team’s outrage is another team’s deal. To be clear, I’m all in favor of a new approach w fewer barriers between involved parties. Just think this is trickier than many realize.”
  • Canadiens P.K. Subban gives his thoughts on the proposed player-owner meeting.
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