No progress after two days of mediation … Disclaimer of interest or decertifying could be next step

  • TSN: Bill Daly after the yesterday’s meetings:

    “After spending several hours with both sides over two days, the presiding mediators concluded that the parties remained far apart, and that no progress toward a resolution could be made through further mediation at this point in time,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Thursday in a statement. “We are disappointed that the mediation process was not successful.”

    Don Fehr after yesterday’s meetings:

    “The mediators informed the parties that they did not think it was productive to continue the discussions further today,” said Fehr. “The mediators indicated that they would stay in contact with the league and the NHLPA, and would call the parties back together when they thought the time was right.”

  • Renaud Lavoie via twitter: NHLPA director of communication of Jonathan Weatherdon: “We will be discussing all matters regarding the last two days of mediation as well as potential next steps with the Executive Board and Negotiating Committee.”
  • Aaron Ward via twitter: The NHLPA will have a conference call today with the Executive Board and Negotiating Committee.
  • Elliotte Friedman via twitter: The next stop for the NHLPA will be “Disclaimer of Interest.” Don Fehr would no longer represent the players. It is similar to decertifying, but faster. Steve Zipay via twitter: The NBA did this as well. Dissolved the union and file a class-action anti-trust litigation against the NBA.
  • Renaud Lavoie via twitter: The next step will be for the NHLPA to de-certify and make the lockout illegal. The NHLPA wants to put pressure on the NHL.
  • Dan Tencer via twitter: “For mediation to work, both sides have to be willing to listen, be flexible and compromise. In other words, want to make a deal. So…yeah.”
  • Renaud Lavoie via twitter: “The mediation process did not work. No surprise there. Nobody tough it could work 48 hours ago anyway.”

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