The end for Selanne? Toews finally over concussion … Komarov going back to KHL … Lombardi talks Richards, Carter trades

  • Jonathan Davis via twitter: Teemu Selanne told Davis that if there is no NHL season this year, he’s likely played his last NHL game.
  • Chris Kuc via twitter: Blackhawks Jonathan Toews wasn’t fully over his concussion when he played in the playoffs last year. It wasn’t until late last week that Toews felt he was completely over his concussion. He missed the final 2 months of the regular season, but came back for the Blackhawks playoff series against Coyotes. When he returned, he was symptom free and passed the NHL concussion protocols. He was still being bothered by balance and eyesight issues, but were discovered and solved by a chiropractic neurology facility.

    “Even if you don’t feel something and you think you’re symptom-free, there’s probably still something there that’s kind of hindering you and affecting the way your brain works,” Toews told the Tribune on Wednesday. “It was just a lot of eye-movement things. My eyes didn’t track very well. They didn’t look from one target to the next very well. My balance with my eyes closed and my head turned a certain way was terrible. (There were) little things that I would think were normal because I didn’t feel something in my head.

  • Dmitry Chesnokov via twitter: Maple Leafs prospect Leo Komarov will be leaving the AHL Marlies and heading back to the KHL. Darren Dreger via twitter: Komarov wants to play for the Maple Leafs when the lockout ends. Jonas Siegel via twitter: The wheels are in motion of Komarov to join Moscow Dynamo. His 1 year contract did allow have a provision to return. Komarov and the Leafs are working to ensure he’s able to return to North America if the lockout ends.

    “One of the big things is I think Leo wants to make sure that if he does leave that he can come back if the lockout ends,” said Eakins, noting a similar sentiment from the organization’s perspective.

    “No matter what happens, this kid is a good prospect, he’s worked hard to get where he’s at for a shot at the NHL. And that’s his end-game. For Leo, this is about playing in the NHL, that’s what he wants to do and I think he’s going to push for a job if it ever does start back up.”

    Komarov was drawing a $62,500 AHL salary.

    “It’s maybe that whole thing about I want to try and see if I can make it,” Komarov explained back in early October. “If not, then I’m going to live with it. But if I will stay in KHL, yeah it’s good money, it’s nice to be there, but then when I’m 40, [my kids] are going to ask me ‘Why didn’t you play in the NHL?’”

  • Jonas Siegel via twitter: Matt Frattin hasn’t been cleared to play yet, waiting for medical clearance, and could return this weekend.
  • Sportsnet: Kings GM Dean Lombardi on the Carter and Richards trades.
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