Revenue sharing and ‘make whole’ discussed in 5 1/2 hours of talks

  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: The NHL and NHLPA met for almost 6 hours yesterday, discussing revenue sharing and the “make whole” provision. Both sides are not saying much about how the talks are going.

    “The National Hockey League’s negotiating committee met with representatives of the National Hockey League Players’ Association for approximately 5-1/2 hours today” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. “Meetings are scheduled to resume tomorrow. We do not intend to comment on the substance or subject matter of today’s negotiations.”

    “The NHLPA and the NHL met today to discuss many of the key issues. We look forward to resuming talks tomorrow,” NHL executive director Donald Fehr said.”

    The union wants an enhanced revenue sharing system, with the successful teams helping out the struggling teams more. As for ‘make whole,’ the NHL originally offered to have the payments deferred that would reduce the players share, the union wanted the owners to bear the responsibility.

  • Damien Cox via twitter: “This “make whole” biz is just nonsense well spun by PA. Players have NEVER been guaranteed face value of contracts. Always subject to CBA.”
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: “One source says – way too early to think\say a deal is close to being done, however, others hint if today goes well agreement won’t be far. “
  • Doug Maclean via twitter: (before yesterday’s meetings) Maclean was told by someone in the know yesterday, that Tuesday’s talks were close to a waste of time.
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