Make Whole on today’s agenda … Fehr needs to find balance … Fairness will solve CBA

  • Chris Johnston via twitter: No time has been set for today’s meeting in New York. Likely means it won’t start until late morning at the earliest.
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: The ‘make whole’ provision will be the main topic of today’s discussions. How the owners plan on covering some or all of it, remains a huge issue. “Make Whole is tricky. Will be much debate among owners. Will it be covered by the league or individual owners? Much to discuss and decide.”
  • Michael Grange of Sportsnet: One player agent this week on Don Fehr:

    “With all due respect to Don Fehr, this is when he really earns his money. A barrel full of monkeys could get this to 90 per cent of the way done. Now he’s got to take it home.”

    Fehr hasn’t drawn any of his $3 million salary since the lockout started on September 15th. Fehr needs to find the balance of satisfying the Sidney Crosby’s (12 year, $104 million deal) and the Chris Campoli’s (unsigned free agents). He has to look out for today’s players who are losing money by not playing, and future players.

  • John Shannon on Hockey Central – Fairness will solve CBA (Nov. 5th)

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