Daly, S. Fehr meet until 1 AM, and will meet again early this week

  • Elliotte Friedman via twitter: Friedman thinks we may hear today what was talked about last night, NHL and NHLPA “going dark” last night due to the fact that this is a sensitive time in negotiations.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: A league source said that the NHL is 100% willing to honor current contracts. The NHLPA questions the way it is honored though.
  • Darren Dreger via twitter: (clarifying his ‘make whole’ statements on Friday night) “the offer reported on Make Whole was made verbally on Tues…B.Daly to S.Fehr. Part of lengthy discussion. Formal or otherwise, the fact the owners are willing to cover the costs of Make Whole is in play. I’m surprised D.Fehr isn’t more pleased. For the record, it was a player related source who provided the tip and the NHL reluctantly confirmed the story just before 6pm Fri.”
  • Larry Brooks via twitter: Don Fehr’s memo to players on Friday night, “You may have seen media reports of supposed league ‘offer’ regarding make-whole aspect. There have been no proposals from either side since Oct. 18. You should not read too much into reports of informal phone calls.”
  • Joe Haggerty via twitter: Bruins Shawn Thornton: “(Bettman) makes $8M a yr. You expect he’d have 250K kicking around in an ash tray somewhere to keep Winter Classic alive”
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