All on the owners … Fans growing tired of NHL … Quincey going to CHL … Barker gets AHL tryout … Teravainen breaks finger

  • Larry Brooks of the NY Post: Brooks says that there shouldn’t be the notion of shared responsibility for the lockout, that it’s all on the owners. Only the players have offered concessions in attempt to get a deal done.

    Everyone gasps when Don Fehr floats the notion the players might seek to remove the hard-cap if this season is canceled. The truth is, removal of the cap is no more extreme of a position than the league has taken with its plan to radically restrict player rights regarding free agency and arbitration.

    Brooks has given contradictory info from 2 reliable sources in that one says that the NHLPA has no intention of making a new proposal, while the other suggests the NHLPA is working on a revised proposal to give the NHL in a few days. The players shouldn’t be forced into taking an immediate pay cut. A phased in reduction of revenue share should be accepted by the league.

  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: Dater thinks that many fans “are in the developing stages of an irreconcilable divorce from the NHL.”

    I may be wrong, but I sense it. A slow but sure drift away from the league. I’m not talking about our love of the game itself but the league and its principals in power, who have once again decided it is better to play no games at all than play the games if it means getting two or three fewer percentage points in “hockey-related revenue.”

    Dater has talked to “hardcore fans” who don’t feel like giving their time, attention and money to the NHL anymore. Dater added, “Strangely, I’m feeling that way myself.” The players would accept a 53-52-51-50-50-50 split ‘TODAY” if they were offered it.

    I recommend reading Dater’s full piece, summarizing his frustrations with Bettman and Fehr doesn’t do it justice: The enveloping sadness of the NHL

  • Josh Yohe via Sulia: The NHL has cancelled games through October 24th, with more games likely to be cancelled this week. Yohe has spoken with some players who are growing frustrated with the lack of movement in talks.
  • Mike Chambers of the Denver Post: Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey will be joining the Denver Cutthroats of the CHL. From a press release,

    “After spending some time with (Cutthroats owner) Mr. (John) Hayes, I realize we have a common desire to further the development of youth hockey in Colorado which is a primary focus of the Cutthroats. Being able to do that while playing for a coach who has helped me throughout my career, and staying home in Denver, is an ideal situation for me considering the circumstances.”

  • Matias Strozyk via twitter: Chicago Blackhawks 2012 1st round draft pick, Teuvo Teravainen broke a finger and is out for 4 weeks.
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