Don Fehr’s Press Conference – Sept. 13th

Don Fehr holds a press conference today talking about the CBA negotiations and answers questions from the media.

It’s looking like the players will be locked out on Saturday.

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  1. #1 by Louis V at September 13th, 2012

    The players need the owners, the owners don’t need the players. Lock out the NHL players get some fill in players and let them make a name for themselves. Players that want to play cause they love to play the game and not for the money. I think most hockey fan just want to see the games and there teams on the ice. Whether that be a bunch of nonamers, collage, highschool players or hell even if it’s a bunch of senior citizen. I would still watch it. Don’t get me wrong, i would rather watch the best players in the world. But if they are playing for the money then let them go elsewhere and see how bad they really have it when they have to get jobs and live week to week without LTIR. Then see how happy they are. SORRY everone but i just want my hockey back!!! Withdraw sucks.

  2. #2 by Adam at September 14th, 2012

    Louis V… you do realize this is a lockout and not a strike right… meaning that the owners aren’t allowing the players to play. The players are willing to play without a CBA in place…

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