Sunday morning notes: Canadiens, Sharks, Leafs, Kings, Wild, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Blues and Blackhawks

  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Whoever is the GM of the Canadiens this summer will be in charge of re-signing RFA goalie Carey Price. He could be getting a deal in the $5.5 million to $6 million range. Senators Erik Karlsson is also a RFA and could get a deal in the $5.5 to $7 million range. Predators Shea Weber is also a RFA this year. Pierre McGuire is a name to keep an eye on as candidate for the Canadiens GM job if it opens up. Garrioch wonders if the Sharks would trade one of Joe Thornton of Patrick Marleau if they miss the playoffs. Many wonder if Leafs Joffrey Lupul and Phil Kessel will thrive under new coach Randy Carlyle. Some people think Zach Parise could land in LA on July 1st, but with Lombardi possibly panicing and making the Carter for Johnson deal, it may have lessened their chances. The Wild have emerged as the favorites. Garrioch wonders if the Leafs would take a shot at Roberto Luongo this summer. Apparently if Scott Howson is still the GM of the Blue Jackets, he plans on drafting Filip Forsberg with the #1 pick ahead of Nail Yakupov.
  • Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun: One league executive on the Blue Jackets if they win the draft lottery,

    “They can’t pick a Russian so they can’t use the pick,” … “They’ll have to trade it.”

    Along with trading Rick Nash, their options are:

    1) They could keep the pick and not choose Yakupov, which would be counter-productive; 2) They could flip picks with another team, trading the first choice for another early choice, and getting an asset as well; 3) They could trade the pick to the highest bidder and begin rebuilding their team.

    If Ducks college prospect Justin Schultz becomes a free agent, they Leafs will likely chase him again. They were interested in him when talking with the Ducks about Francois Beauchemin.

  • Gregg Krupa of the Detroit News: Red Wings forward Johan Franzen is out indefinitely with a bad back. Dan Cleary has also been dealing with pain in his knee since Dec. 1st, and will need to have surgery again at some point. Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson’s wrist is healing quick, but he’s still scheduled to return late this month. Joey MacDonald will have an MRI on his back when he gets back to Detroit.
  • Derrick Goold of St. Louis Post Dispatch: Blues coach Ken Hitchcock hass told Jason Arnott to take a week off.

    “When I watched him play (last week), I saw a guy who was protecting himself on the ice and to me he was going out of the way to get out of the way,” Hitchcock said Saturday. “I felt like there was going to be a further injury. I could see how banged up he was. … We needed to get a better player on the ice.”

    Hitchcock isn’t sure if Andy McDonald will join the team on their road trip.

  • Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune: Wild Mikko Koivu has been practicing the last couple days and is close to returning. “He is getting very close,” Yeo said. “But again, after talking with the doctors, we all felt it was best to hold him off for a couple more games.”
  • Tracey Myers of CSNChicago: Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews hasn’t skated in 4 days. Coach Joel Quenneville,

    “The process, I’m sure in his mind, is not a fun thing to be dealing with. You want to be optimistic; there was that stretch there where he was getting close. There’s hope, and that’re we’re at.s whe”

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  1. #1 by AJ at March 18th, 2012

    I may have missed something, but what’s this thing, Columbus having to trade the No.1 or wanting to pick Forsberg over Yakupov?
    Did Howson or someone in CBS say something?

  2. #2 by Wunschkind89 at March 18th, 2012

    It’s actually not a bad idea. They could trade their 1st overall pick for the 2nd or 3rd overall and a couple top prospects too. This year’s draft is pretty horrendous anyway.

  3. #3 by hotwings at March 18th, 2012

    ya.. why not pick a russian? im sure nail would mind columbus, as he is in another mecca of boredom currently — Sarnia.

    but i dunno.. is it because of the zherdev thing?

    i expect to see a lot of position changes in the first round this year.. can edmonton really draft another centre? even another forward? isnt it time for them to trade with someone like toronto who has extra d-men?

    im hoping the leafs can somehow get Nail by trading with columbus… of course, they are starting to win games late in the season just like they do every year.. grr…

    anyways, this years draft should be exciting..

  4. #4 by AJ at March 18th, 2012

    There are a lot of enigmas. First and foremost the final league standings and draft positions. Then some question marks surruonding players, mostly of Russian descent, Grigorenko, Yakupov, Galchenyuk. Plus of course some surprise decisions stirring up the pot, risers and fallers.
    I see a drop off after the top 10, another after 20 and again beyond 1st round. I expect a heavy fight of positioning in the 10 and for the unexpected fallers.

  5. #5 by hotwings at March 18th, 2012

    the columbus situation is gonna be the most interesting… theoretically they cant pretty much go in any direction, especially with howson at the helm… they got every option open to them, with the #1 pick and nash at their disposal.. i think there is a good chance that howson screws this franchise up majorly, for a 2nd time…

    i cant see why drafting nail wouldnt be good for columbus.. for marketing reasons and other wise. get nail, dump nash and you still have a marketable face/name for your franchise. i read some articles about nail saying he is 100% committed to staying in north america…

  6. #6 by Lennycle7 at March 18th, 2012

    Anybody remember what happened last year when Columbus traded their first rounder? Exactly. They won’t be making that mistake again any time soon. I’d actually expect them to try and get another high pick via a Nash trade to try to pick up one of the high ceiling defencemen such as Murray or Dumba.

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