Christian Ehrhoff signs a 10 year deal with the Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres have signed Christian Ehrhoff to a 10 year contract worth $40 million.

The salary breakdown (from Bob McKenzie) is as follows: Modified NTC.

Year 1: $8M signing bonus, $2M salary;

Year 2: $5M SB, $3M sal. That’s $18M in 1st 2 yrs, or $15M before puck drops on 12-13 season.

Year 3: $4M;

Year 4: $4M,

Year 5: $4M;

Year 6: $4M;

Year 7: $3M;

Year 8; $1M;

Year 9: $1M,

Year 10: $1M.


  1. #1 by Jeff at June 30th, 2011


  2. #2 by Juice at June 30th, 2011

    This is without a doubt the stupidest contract since Kovaluchuck. Shame on you Buffalo, how embarrassing will it be to spend all this money and still only have Hobie to rely on to get you into the playoffs.

    Rieger should be hung from the rafters by his fight strap.

  3. #3 by D at July 1st, 2011

    looks like he’ll retire 3 years before the contract ends

  4. #4 by JoonasJ86 at July 1st, 2011

    What do you mean Juice? This is absolutely a clever one. Darcy didn’t make the rules, so if the trend is with the long term stupid contracts, this was an awesome one. 4mil cap hit!!! That was all Pegula and Regier cared about, not that 18mil/2seasons.

  5. #5 by hockeyhilite at July 1st, 2011

    Juice is the typical fan that complains on everything.. Disregard his comments..

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