Wayne Gretzky Posing for You

I bet Wayne is thrilled with this picture. I love the Jofa and Titan gear. I’m not sure what is more funny; the classy couch, the head of hair on Wayne, or his casual pose.

This picture is from SportsIllustrated

  1. #1 by Derek at January 26th, 2010

    I like all the junk food he’s endorsing.. Ha ha

  2. #2 by Jeff at January 27th, 2010

    Post of the year, no question!

  3. #3 by Poopy at January 27th, 2010

    looks like my hair from 1987!! Funny

  4. #4 by Jeff at January 27th, 2010

    Looks like your hair after a night of drinking, in 2000! Looks like your bodega breakfast too!

  5. #5 by Lee at January 27th, 2010

    I think I banged that chick? She’s from Angus.

  6. #6 by Jeff at January 27th, 2010


  7. #7 by Derek at January 27th, 2010

    Lee… Classic!!!

  8. #8 by 5-hole at January 28th, 2010

    Lee, thats funny as shit!!!! never a gretzky fan. like 2 see him play the way the game is 2day. against a D of the sharks, or to turn around and see Ovechkin coming wide open getting ready to smoke his ass, wanna talk about a deer in the headlights look!…

  9. #9 by Brinny at January 31st, 2010

    Thank you MyNHLTradeRumors.com for posting this picture… I haven’t had a laugh like that in a wihile. Fuck Lee.. I actually Cried.

  10. #10 by freak at June 25th, 2010

    He Looks Gay There!

  11. #11 by Peter at June 25th, 2010

    Such an awesome photo…!

  12. #12 by josh at June 24th, 2011

    wow! thats awesome just set it as my desktop background

  13. #13 by Mike c at September 29th, 2011

    50 goals in 39 games. Enough said.

  14. #14 by Jp1 at January 8th, 2012

    5-holes a dipshit. Like to see u stand up on ur skates on NHL ice…keep up the dream twit!

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