Marian Gaborik will test free agency

It appears that the Minnesota Wild will not be offering a contract to the often injured superstar. Marion Gaborik, the team’s top pick in its inaugural draft, is the last remaining original franchise member and its career scoring leader with 219 goals and 437 points. In 2007-08, he set single-season franchise and career marks with 42 goals and 83 points.

The flip side, of course, is the right wing’s injury problems. He has played just one full season since 2002-03, last year missing 63 games because of groin and hip injuries. Over the past year, he has had both hips surgically repaired.

The last procedure was in January, when surgeon Marc Philippon told him the procedure had a 93 percent chance to eradicate his chronic groin problems. Gaborik came back with 11 games left in the season and scored 10 goals as the Wild went 7-3-1. (

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  1. #1 by Jeff at June 30th, 2009

    He scored 10 goals in the final 11 games?! Wow, i didnt realize..

  2. #2 by Derek at June 30th, 2009

    When healthy he’s a scoring machine. But that’s the rub, WHEN HEALTHY..

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